Adventures in Clicking #1

Got an email about a new track from a musician I’m subscribed to on Patreon. Awesome! Clicked “Listen now” Brought to web site. Popup asks me if I’m 18 or older. Clicked “yes”. Clicked “accept cookies”. I’m not logged in. Clicked “log in”. Patreon doesn’t recognize my laptop and won’t let me in. They sent […]

December Listening

Alison Cotton – Behind The Spiderweb Gate (2019) I get a lot of these reco’s from The Wire, and by the time they make it to my ears I’ve kind of forgotten what the reviewer had to say about them, or sometimes the context in which they’re recorded. True also for this one, although I […]

November Movies

Max Headroom (1987) It: Chapter Two (2019) Joker (2019) Watchmen (show) (2019) The Martian (2015) Varda by Agnes (2019) The Taste of Tea (2004) As peaceful as I remember. How great does it make country life look. The movie is a long weird sigh. What We Do in the Shadows (2019) Still so good! I […]

November Listening

The Bangles – Different Light (1985) Whew I was a little bummed by this album. Obviously Manic Monday was a jam, and the racist Walk Like an Egyptian has a catchy melody that’ll forever be stuck in my childhood sense-memories. But the rest of the album sounded kinda take-it-or-leave-it country songs that’d been studio’d out […]


By the time I’m done addressing my notifications I’m too fatigued to do all the stuff on my actual todo list. It feels like a sink full of unwashed dishes.

Hello Cruel World

I’ve just installed WordPress for maybe the 50th time in my life, and it’s so much easier than it used to be. I remember 2002, writing my own blog with comments in raw PHP and MySQL, by hand, before WordPress or JQuery, uphill in the damn snow both ways. It was a pretty simple (and […]