Adventures in Clicking #1

Got an email about a new track from a musician I’m subscribed to on Patreon. Awesome!

  1. Clicked “Listen now”
  2. Brought to web site. Popup asks me if I’m 18 or older. Clicked “yes”.
  3. Clicked “accept cookies”.
  4. I’m not logged in. Clicked “log in”.
  5. Patreon doesn’t recognize my laptop and won’t let me in. They sent me another email and want me to click on it.
  6. I check my email. It’s not there yet.
  7. I stare blankly ahead and click the “check mail” button a few times until it appears.
  8. The email is here! I don’t ready any of it and click blindly on the three-line URL at the bottom.
  9. I’m logged into the web site! A popup appears asking me to start uploading stuff to Patreon. I click the tiny X in the corner.
  10. Another popup appears asking me the same thing. I click the same tiny X in the corner.
  11. Clicked “Accept cookies” again.

Eleven steps.

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