Hello Cruel World

I’ve just installed WordPress for maybe the 50th time in my life, and it’s so much easier than it used to be.

I remember 2002, writing my own blog with comments in raw PHP and MySQL, by hand, before WordPress or JQuery, uphill in the damn snow both ways. It was a pretty simple (and unsecure) app to write, but nonetheless, it took some time. Today, I logged in to my host, pressed a button that read “INSTALL WORDPRESS”, set up a user, and started writing.

Sometimes the constant rush of new technologies is exhausting. Sometimes it can make you feel old, or inept, or behind. Other times it can feel exhilarating, and give you anything from manic future-shock to composed satisfaction.

Either way, even as tech’s culture falls further and further below rock bottom, as the demonstrably worst people in the world use it to acquire and destroy everything that isn’t already theirs, technology doesn’t stop feeling oceanic. In that, there is always potential to build things that are more humane, more sane, more helpful, than the things we were working on yesterday.

And that’s a nice thing to return to.

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